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Aspirators and Venturi Aerators

Aspirators, Venturi aerators, injectors or educators all work off the same Venturi principle which is the reduction in pressure resulting from water flowing through a restricted section of pipe.  The main part of the equipment is positioned underwater and as water is pumped through the venturi it creates a vacuum that drags air into the water via a pipe rising up to the surface.  Air is mixed with water and pumped into the pond, dam or lake.

Venturi aerators are relatively inexpensive ways of aerating water as they can be added to existing pumping equipment provided it produces enough flow. 

Floating aspirators use the same venturi effect but are self contained units including a float, motor and venturi assembly.  Aspirators are great when noise is a concern as there is no water spraying into the air.

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Airolator Enterprise aspirating aerator brochure 
Eco Static Aerator
Oase Aqua Air 250

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  Clearwater PVC venturi aerators and injectors Clearwater PVC venturi aerators and injectors () Click to See Options    
  Oase Aqua Air 250 Oase Aqua Air 250 (29694) $3,495.00  
  Static Venturi Aerator Static Venturi Aerator (ECO)
Flow rates from 30-100 lpm (1800-6000 lph)

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